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AFA Asks: How Is Your Community Reacting to Coronavirus?

Different parts of the country are taking different measures to deal with the spread of SARS-CoV-2, aka, Coronavirus.  How is your community reacting?

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AFA Asks: How Is Your Community Reacting to Coronavirus?

The latest global health pandemic, SARS-CoV-2, aka Coronavirus, is having huge impacts on how people live their daily lives. While hand-washing, sanitizing, glove- and mask-wearing, and working from home may be relatively low disruption ways that society is adapting to the threat of the contagion, more disruptive changes are underway. Schools, libraries, and public areas are closing, businesses are shutting down indefinitely, and events are being postponed or canceled.

We want to hear stories about how you feel your community is reacting to the health threat, so let us know in the comments below. How is your community reacting to Coronavirus? How do you feel about it?

Date posted: Mar 17, 2020
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A wonderful neighbor posted a pic of a dinosaur holding a sign that says "Extinction sucks! Stay home!"


Ellis County, Texas. Trump country. Business as usual. Trump said it is just the flu. Trump said it’s a hoax. Trump said that masks and ventilators and testing kits and a cure and a vaccine are all on the way! Trump loves the poorly educated.


This is a very stressful time we are in I am a retired nurse that having flashbacks from the pandemic H1N1 I worked for Galveston county health department for that two years period.Recived a call from a doctor I worked with then that now work for Harris county they really need help I hope I can ; however I am 75 and can only work from home but I am willing to help where I can.


All residents of Montgomery County are ordered by Governor Wolfe to stay put at home and only essential business is allowed to be opened.

Everything else will be penalized if continues to operate.

My grandson is in Germany and was just diagnosed with COVID-19.

I am devastated and trying to stay calm and stay together as I am living alone.

I live in hope listening to the President's efforts to defeat EVIL THREATS to SOCIETY and have GOODNESS and HEALTH SUSTAINED AND WIN OUT.


With faith